Your Bad Habits Can Rub Off On Your Children

by Anonymous

Your children are watching your every move. The below habits might seem harmless enough, but they can have a negative impact on your children. Strive to change for the better! Set the right example for your young ones.

1. Do you have a tech addiction? There is nothing wrong with checking your emails or other devices, but try not to be obsessive about it, especially in front of your children. Believe me, they will copy your example.

2. Do you get angry at your children for using bad language and foul words, yet regularly do the same in front of them? Time to break this one immediately! As Yahweh’s people, we should strive to keep our everyday speech clean and pure.

3. Do you put yourself down in front of your children? You may begin to see them doing the same. They will model your behavior. Stop yourself from saying destructive statements such as, “I’m ugly and fat” or “I never do anything right. I must be dumb!” You want your child to build confidence. Speak positive statements.

4. Do you comfort yourself with food? This sets a bad example for children and can lead to obesity according to many studies. When you are feeling down, why not go for a walk in the park, instead of devouring a box of high-sugar donuts. Your children will see there are healthy ways to deal with stress and blue moods.

5. How about exhibiting bad behavior while driving? Shockingly, many parents have admitted to speeding and road rage while their children are in the car. Some admit to regularly not following the law! It’s very important to do the right thing. This could be a life or death matter. Eventually your youngsters will be teenagers who will be driving, too. You never want them to think that risk-taking and dangerous driving habits are okay!

6. Do you find yourself leaving the TV on all day, whether anyone is watching or not? Many people set out to watch the news, then mindlessly leave the TV on. Children can be bombarded by scary images, and repeated commercials for unhealthy food items. Children can’t deal with frightening news stories the way that adults can. They tend to internalize things more, which can translate to having repeated nightmares or acting out to copy what they see. Choose their programs wisely!

7. Do you make an effort to take care of yourself in front of your children? They should see you making wise food and exercise choices. Small children love to copy adults. 8. Do you always oversleep, or are you always late for meetings and other activities? Teach your children to be prompt by your example. If oversleeping is a problem, go to bed at a earlier time.

9. Do you talk bad about people behind their backs in front of your children? This is a big one to eliminate. Speak good things about other people! It might even spare you some embarrassment . Children like to repeat things they heard at the most inopportune moments.