Yahweh's Generosity

by Sister Jan M.

Since I had invited two couples for dinner, I made yeast rolls in the morning and set them aside to rise. After I dusted, I kneaded the rolls down again and left them to rise once more.

The rolls were no sooner in the oven when two delievery men arrived with my new bookcase. They patiently moved the heavy bookcase to another wall space when it didn't look right in my first choice. Following the men to the front door to thank them, I remembered my rolls.

"Wait a minute," I told them. "You've worked so hard, I want to give you some-thing." I covered the rolls with waxed paper and handed them over. "You can have these with your lunch."

I made another batch. When I kneaded them for their second rising, they looked every bit as good as the first batch. The doorbell rang again. It was my granddaughter, bringing me some beautiful "art work" she had created in school that day. After watching me hang her "masterpiece" on the refrigerator door, she said, "Grandma, are you making bread?" With a hug and a smile, I handed her the waxed paper bundle and thought, "Well, I still have plenty of time to make a third batch."

At about four that afternoon, a car pulled into my driveway. A friend dashed into the kitchen. "I found these tomatoes on sale and thought you might like some for your company tonight," she said.

Then she smelled the rolls I had just taken from the oven. "Oh, my husband thinks rolls are better than anything in the world!" Reaching for the waxed paper once again, I said, "Take these to him."

"But don't you need the rolls for your guests?" she asked.

"Don't worry," I reassured her.

After she left, I reasoned, "I guess tomatoes are heathier than rolls." It was too late to make more anyway.

When my guests arrived, Connie, first in the doorway said; "I have a surprise for you!" She handed me a fragrant loaf of bread, still warm from the oven.

One day, I'll learn...You just can't outgive Yahweh!