Why is it so Hard to Trust?

by Anonymous

Standing at the edge of the swimming pool, a little girl hesitates. She looks around at the other children bravely jumping in, and for just a moment, she believes she can do it too. Then she looks back at the water and immediately changes her mind. Her parents had been watching her, and Dad decides to step in. He jumps in the pool and holds out his arms to his little girl. “Come on in!” He encourages her, “I promise I’ll catch you!” The dynamics of the situation changes drastically. The little girl completely trusts her father. He had never let her down before. So she jumps into his arms without hesitation, giggling joyfully as he catches her in his loving, safe arms.

Before we knew Yahweh, many of us have felt like the little girl at the edge of the pool at the very beginning of the story, afraid of the unknown and unwilling to “jump in the pool.” Then later, we accepted Yahshua into our lives and began learning to walk the straight and narrow path. We saw significant changes in our lives and trust in Yahweh became natural to us. But somewhere along the way something changes. Doubts creep into our minds. We worry when our prayers are not answered in the ways we would hope, and our faith dwindles. Perhaps your trials begin to look insurmountable. The “Goliaths” in your life look too big and you feel frightened and uncertain.

Dear Brethren, it’s time to level the “mountains” that are blocking your path to trusting Yahweh. Think back on your life. We all have miraculous stories of Yahweh changing our lives and the prayers that were answered powerfully along the way. How soon we forget when things are not going our way! Keep praying and don’t lose heart. We know without hesitation that Yahweh was always there for us in the past and He will continue to be there for us now and in the future! Believe that He will never leave or forsake us! That is a promise that we can trust in. For the One who made the promise is able to accomplish all that He said He would. HalleluYah!