When Faith Fades

by Anonymous

All believers are tested concerning their faith. We all remember the testing of Abraham when Yahweh commanded him to sacrifice Isaac. In Scripture, we have many examples of faith wavering even among those who had previously demonstrated boldness of belief. For instance, Peter had boasted that he would never deny Yahshua, yet that was the very thing that happened. Likewise, Elijah’s faith had literally opened and shut heaven. Yet his faith crumbled upon receiving a death threat from Jezebel.

Most of us can’t relate to these severe faith crises among the spiritual giants of Scripture. Many of us have never been pushed to the point of begging Yahweh to end our lives like Moses and Jeremiah. In fact, Jeremiah told Yahweh that He should’ve killed him in the womb (Jer. 20:7-8). Yet, our faith often has suffered in less dramatic ways. We can develop an equally despairing attitude stemming from a heart full of disappointment. Though we may not openly express it, we sometimes entertain thoughts that Yahweh has abandoned us.

Jeremiah went so far as to accuse Yahweh of deceiving him. As he collapsed in discouragement, he vented his dark feelings toward his Creator, “The word you gave me, Yahweh, has become a reproach. You have abandoned me so I am quitting you. I’m not going to speak your Word anymore.”

The point of all this is that Yahweh never abandoned Jeremiah, Moses, Peter, or Elijah despite their lapses of faith. He will not abandon us either if we continue to cling to Him! We must rest in Yahweh’s love for us. Yahweh is not shocked when we have doubts. These are the times we must cry out to Him as David did in Psalm 55. Read also Titus 3:3-4 for more encouraging words. No matter how deep our discouragement, Yahweh knows what we are going through. Praise Yahweh that His strength is so much greater than our weaknesses!