Most Difficult Job in the World

by Anonymous

When you think about all of the jobs out there, what comes to mind as the most difficult? “Parenting, of course!” most parents would unanimously say. We’d have to agree. Yahweh would probably sympathize also, since He, too, is a parent to us as Believers. Throughout Scripture, Yahweh expressed His frustration with His people, just like human parents express their frustration with their children.

Disciplining their children can be a struggle for many parents. It is painful sometimes to keep your children on the straight and narrow path. Indeed, even Yahweh talks about disciplining us. In Proverbs 3:12 (NLT), we read, “Yahweh corrects those He loves, just as father corrects a child in whom he delights.”

Of course discipline is never enjoyable while you are going through it, but it serves a greater purpose in the long run. See Hebrews 12:11, which confirms this idea. Parents must try their hardest to discipline with mercy, wisdom, and love. No one will ever glide through parenthood. Everyone will make many mistakes along the way. Keep the following points in mind:

1. Be strict, but lavish your children with love and attention.
2. Never be “too tired” to spend time with their children. One of the biggest complaints from grown children is that their parents didn't spend enough time with them when they were younger.
3. Make meal time special. Don’t eat in front of the television.
4. Never punish while you are angry. If necessary, go for a calming walk to clear your head. Lashing out in anger is never okay. Harsh words and actions can scar a child for life.
5. Enjoy deep fellowship with your children. This is more than just spending time together. This is about finding out the things that are really important to your child. The sad thing is that many parents don’t even know their child’s favorite color!
6. Most of all, make Yahweh your partner in parenting! Pray to Him daily for guidance. Remember, He is your Parent.