Don’t Give Satan a Toe-hold in Your Life

by Sister Luann A.

Passover & Feast of Unleavened Bread have come and gone. You’ve spent the week sorting through teachings in your life and had gotten rid of all the “leaven”, including false doctrine. However, there may be one area of your life that you didn’t examine. It is through this avenue that Satan may be using to keep a “toe-hold” on your life. It is attitude! It is how you deal with trials, joys, introduction to new teachings, etc. When was the last time you examined this part of your life?

You’ve had a really long day—everybody has been dumping their problems on you: the car wouldn’t start, you got to work late and the list goes on. Now it is nighttime and you were looking forward to a nice, long bath and reading a book before jumping into bed. Your spouse comes in with several more requests. How do you handle it? Do you fly off the handle and tell him all about the injustice in the world; do you do the requested tasks but complain to everyone you meet later; do you put a smile on your face and not let it get to you deciding that maybe tomorrow you can get your nice long bath?

For many years I had chosen the first option in handling life’s “stresses.” It was everybody else’s problems. I would hang onto resentment for so long that I just learned to secretly “despise” those who were hoarding on my resources.

It took me a long time to realize that I was giving Satan a “toe-hold” into my life and letting my negative attitude set up permanent residence in my heart. I had started to become an angry, sad, on-edge woman who was spoiling for a fight.

After having some health problems I have learned that even “healthy” existence it was time to peel Satan’s grip from my life. When I start having “negative” thoughts I have to give them to Yahweh through singing, praying and remembering the good things He has done in my life.

In this world we are surrounded by people “fighting” for their so-called rights by yelling at others who infringe on this privilege. In doing this we are becoming more distant from Yahweh because we are relying on ourselves and not Him to care for our needs. Our attitude also expresses this as we feel we don't need Yahweh as we can do it all alone.

Something else to consider is that when we have a bad attitude or even a negative one we are leaving ourselves open to false doctrine. How, you may ask? If you are giving a home to Satan with your negative thinking, how is Yahweh going to reside in your heart as well? He cannot dwell where sin abides. If you are constantly negative, where are you giving Yahweh a chance to perform miracles? “And He did not perform many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” Matthew 13:58

Before health problems or something more serious happens take the time to get rid of Satan’s toe-hold on your life. Everyday, resist the arguments, insults, etc., that come your way. Keep a positive attitude. Remember Yahweh knows what you need before you ask. What you are going through just might be Him trying to lead you in another direction. Yahweh knows His plans for you. “For I know the thoughts I have for you, says Yahweh, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope in your latter end.” Jeremiah 29:11. May Yahweh bless!