Did You Remember to Pray For...

by Anonymous

1. Perseverance. Pray that you can run the race marked out for you.

2. Contentment. Are you content with food and raiment as mentioned by scripture?

3. Faith. Do you truly trust Yahweh with your life even when things go bad?

4. A servant’s heart. Do you have a humble spirit? Do you seek what’s best for others or do you selfishly consider your own needs?

5. A passion for Yahweh. Don’t become lukewarm!

6. Becoming peace-loving. Do you try to keep the peace or are you argumentative?

7. Joy. Find ways to be happy.

8. Gratitude. Make a list of all your blessings and post it where you can see it every day. Add to it constantly.

9. Growth. Are you growing in grace and knowledge? Are you trying to develop righteous character.

10. Honesty and integrity. Teach these to your children by example. Let them see you in practicing your beliefs in action.

11. Purity. Are you willing to remove anything in your life that is causing you spiritual and physical uncleanness? Choose uplifting music, films, and get new friends if you have to.

12. Love for Yahweh’s Word. Make bible study a priority. Take notes as you read and pray for understanding and discernment.

13. Respect (for self, others, authority). If we don’t have respect in all areas of our lives, how can we truly respect Yahweh?