Cope like a Believer

by Anonymous

Many believers in Yahweh go no further in their lives than reading the Bible and following a list of do’s and do not’s. But is this all that Yahweh expects of His people? Most of us race though our days giving little thought to spiritual things, except maybe saying a quick prayer of thanks before gulping down our lunches. At the end of our busy days we fall into bed exhausted and dissatisfied with life. How can we have a more balanced approach to life?

A life that is only about working and going to school isn't a happy life. Deep, lasting contentment comes from balance, connection, and a sense of meaning. We must realize that this life is not all there is. We must always keep the Kingdom firmly in mind.

One way to keep balance in life is being thankful. There are actually studies that indicate that grateful people had better self-esteem, more energy and felt more alert. Before you go to bed at night, try listing at least 3 things you are grateful for and spend a moment reflecting on them. You may sleep better if you fill your mind with nice thoughts before turning in for the night. Also, make it a point to thank others as often as possible. This will make both you and the other person feel better.

Another way of balancing your life is practicing acceptance. Acceptance is not resignation, nor self-indulgence, nor an excuse for bad behavior. Acceptance is knowing that you don’t control the universe—Yahweh does. Yes, you should do your part in making the world a better place by living like Yahshua did when He was on the earth, but you cannot change certain things. For instance, you can positively witness to others about your faith, but you cannot force them to accept your faith as their own. We must honestly come to a place where we lay our burdens at Yahweh’s feet and stop fighting against His will.

When life begins to feel overwhelming, turn down the noise, and turn up the quiet. All the sounds of modern life create a relentless clatter. Sometimes we can’t even hear ourselves think. Even Yahshua sometimes needed to get away from the crowds. We are no different. Whenever you get the chance, take a walk in a park and really enjoy the peaceful sounds Yahweh created—a bird’s song, the rustle of trees in a gentle breeze, or a bubbling brook.

Spend an hour a day with peace and quiet. Pray to Yahweh and fight the urge to think about problems in your life and all the things you need to do. Just clear the clutter out of your mind and focus on praying. Sometimes you will have to learn to say no to many activities to have a more balanced approach to life. Also, when things get tough, reach out to other believers. A phone call or an email can do wonders for both you and the other person. Stay balanced!