Civilization Quotes

Submitted by Sister Mildred M.

Quoted from Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres:

“In the Bible there were two great philosophers who expressed themselves brilliantly. One was Isaiah, who said nations will not lift their swords to answer against others. “Thou shall not teach war.” And the other was Amos, a social reformer. He said, “You rich people who live in the mountains of Samaria and sleep in ivory beds, and who drink the best of wine and who have the best of food. If you forget the poor people, you will pay the price.” And, finally, I think the basis for civilization is in the 340 words of the ten commandments. Take it away—you don’t have a civilization.

From: Focus On The Family, by Dr. James Dobson

Novelist Pat Conroy has observed that “each divorce is the death of a small civilization. No one feels this more acutely than children.” All uncertainty in a single-parent home can be devastating to children. Anyone who knows children knows that they are deeply conservative creatures. They like things to stay the same. So pronounced is this tendency that certain children request the same peanut-butter-jelly sandwich for lunch for years on end. Children are particularly set in their ways when it comes to family, friends, neighborhoods, and schools. Yet, when a family breaks up, all these things may change.