Angry at Yahweh?

by Anonymous

In 1 Kings 19: 1-8, we read about the wicked Jezebel threatening EliYah’s life. So EliYah ran into the desert to hide out. He was at his wit’s end. So much so that he even asked Yahweh to take his life. Have you ever felt that life is too difficult and you just can’t go on? Consider Psalm 43:5, which reads, “Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why are you so disturbed within me? Put your hope in Yahweh, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my Elohim.”

Let’s face it, sometimes life stinks! Everyone feels it—there is not one single human being on this earth who has not at some point gone through trials. Everyone feels the darkness of despair at one time or another. Trials know no boundaries; they happen to people of every race, religion, and financial status. In fact, suicide rates have even gone up among young people, who have their whole lives ahead of them! And sadly, many people blame Yahweh for the pain they are feeling. Ask yourself the following questions: What problem in in my life has caused me to feel like giving up? What has happened that makes me angry at Yahweh? What has Yahweh brought into my life that I need to accept rather than fight?

Most Believers realize that trials can serve a good purpose. For instance, they do make us stronger in the long run. Trials also teach us compassion for others who are struggling with the same issues we are dealing with. And we all know that sometimes Yahweh has to test our faith the way he did with Abraham and his dear son Isaac.

But trials can also defeat us if we let them. We can allow bitter feelings to fester in our hearts and get angry at Yahweh. So what are the most common reasons given that cause people to give up? The top three reasons are relationship problems, financial problems, and death or life-threatening illness of someone close to you. Indeed, relationship problems are the number one reason behind teenage suicides.

The one thing every Believer must come to grips with is this: Nowhere in Scripture will you ever find Yahweh promising to give you a perfect life. When people get angry and turn from Yahweh, they are casting aside the only One who can provide lasting solutions to their problems. Put your hope in Yahweh and put your trust in His love for you. He can heal broken hearts and mend struggling relationships.

Another comforting thing to realize is that this life is not all there is. Happiness will be poured out in abundance in the coming Kingdom. Why waste your time trying to have a perfect life now, when you can spend more energy preparing for the Kingdom which will last forever? Of course there is nothing wrong with trying your hardest to make relationships work and pursuing careers and hobbies. Just spend more of your time seeking the Kingdom, and “all these things will be added unto you.”