Household Tips

Sponges: More Than Just For Cleaning

by Anonymous

Have you ever bought a large bag of sponges at the dollar store, then ended storing it unused under your sink cabinet? Now you can use them up with these clever ideas!

1. Hydrate your houseplants. Place a dry sponge in the bottom of a pot before adding the plant and soil. Then water your plant as you’d normally do. The sponge will actually retain moisture until the next watering.

2. Make an ice pack for injuries. Put a wet sponge in a ziplock plastic bag and freeze. Grab it instead of a package of peas to sooth bumps and bruises.

3. Make an ice pack for a lunchbox. Freeze wet sponges in zip lock bags and toss them in your lunchbox to keep your food cool and safe.

4. Use them to protect floors. If your chairs are scratching your wood or vinyl floors, trace the bottoms of the legs onto a sponge and cut out. Secure the pieces with a dab of hot glue. Press firmly to prevent wobbliness.

5. Secure your soap. Rest your bar of soap on a sponge in the shower or tub. It will stop the soap from slipping off the dish or tiles when wet, due to its uneven texture.

6. Sanitize your sponges periodically. Simply microwave wet sponges for 2 minutes once a week. This will kill any nasty germs.