Household Tips

Kitchen Problem-Solving Solutions

by Anonymous

1. To remove odor from plastic storage containers in which garlic and onion were stored, wash container thoroughly, then place in it a crumpled piece of newspaper and snap on the lid. The smell will disappear in a few days.

2. To test cornstarch for freshness, mix one teaspoon each of cornstarch and vinegar in a glass. The mixture will bubble if the cornstarch is fresh.

3. If you like to store loaves of bread in your freezer, tuck a paper towel in each bag before freezing. When you defrost a loaf, the towel will absorb excess moisture, thereby preventing soggy bread.

4. Candles will last longer if you chill them thoroughly before burning them. They will burn slower and drip less.

5. If you cook with honey, dip your measuring cup In flour before measuring the honey. The flour prevents the honey from sticking to your measuring cup.

6. If your wood furniture has water spots or white rings, remove them with a dab of mayonnaise. Wipe off residue. Repeat for tougher stains.

7. To repel ants, draw a heavy line of chalk on the floor or wherever ants march.

8. A lint roller can clean dusty lampshades!

9. To keep extension cords from getting tangled, insert them into an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll to store.

10. To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.

11. Did you add too much salt to your soup? Don’t despair! Drop in a few peeled potatoes to absorb the salt. Remove and discard the potatoes before serving the soup.

12. Spray plastic containers with non-stick cooking spray before pouring in tomato-based foods. This will prevent stains!

13. To keep plastic wrap from sticking to itself, store it in the freezer. When unwrapped it wont cling to itself and returns to room temperature in a matter of seconds.