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Beauty Secrets From the Bible

by Anonymous

If you walk into any department store today, you’ll likely see aisle after aisle of skin care products, treatments, lotions, facial scrubs, etc. Sometimes you need look no further than your kitchen for inexpensive and highly effective skin treatments with ingredients that were found abundantly in Bible times. There is no need to buy costly products from a store when you can make your own. Another benefit of making your own is that there are no added harmful chemicals that can make your skin break out.

Try the following for softer skin:

Honey is very hydrating and can help heal blemishes. All skin types can benefit. Try mixing a little water into honey and spread a thin layer on your freshly cleansed face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse.

People in the Bible rubbed olive oil into their skin to prevent it from drying out in Middle Eastern desert climates. Apply olive oil to damp skin after bathing. Put on your pajamas and wake up to smoother, hydrated skin. To make the oil smell better, add a few drops of citrus essential oil. Do not rub oil on the bottoms of your feet (unless you will be wearing socks or slippers) as it will make the floor too slippery!

The cool juice of the cucumber can help relieve puffy eyes. Lie on your back and place slices over your eyes. Relax for 10 minutes.

Full-fat yogurt is an excellent moisturizer. Apply to clean face and body. Leave on a few minutes then rinse off.

Once in a while, it is nice to use a good scrub to remove dead skin cells. Mix a tablespoon or two of sea salt with any light vegetable oil. Massage into skin then wash off with a gentle cleanser. Do not use on your face.