Household Tips

Amazing Ideas!

by Anonymous

Sisters, you’ve got to try these clever ideas. Please let us know if they worked for you. Also, let us know if you know of any other time-saving ideas:

1. Use toothpaste to clear up hazy headlights on your vehicle.

2. Save your fingernails when adding things to your key ring by using a staple remover.

3. If you have dings on your wooden furniture, rub them with walnuts. The oils will help fill in any imperfections.

4. Kids falling out of bed? All you need is a fitted sheet and a pool noodle.

5. Try storing your cleaning supplies in a hanging shoe rack to keep them away from the kids.

6. Use a can opener to open blister packs to avoid cutting yourself.

7. Use a plastic soda bottle if you don’t have a funnel. Simply cut off the bottom and turn upside down.

8. Use an emery board if you need to sand small or hard-to-reach areas.

9. If you can’t find your Phillips head screwdriver, use the tip of a vegetable peeler instead.

10. Here are some of the many uses of a coffee filter:
    — use it to cover food while microwaving to prevent splatters.
    — wipe off glass tabletops and mirrors without leaving lint.
    — slit the middle and slide up a paintbrush or ice cram stick to catch drips.
    — put between stacked cast iron or non stick cookware to prevent scratches.

11. Hate cleaning oven racks? Give this a try: soak them in the bathtub. Add a generous amount of automatic dishwasher detergent. Let soak about 3 hours, then scrub with a brush. Also try a scrub pad for stubborn grime and grease.

12. Purse theft is on the rise! Next time you go shopping, don’t make the mistake of leaving your purse in the shopping cart’s child seat. But if you must, thread the safety belt through the handles and latch. Thieves depend on speed, and if you make it too hard for them to easily snatch your purse, they will move on to an easier target.

13. Don’t waste money on expensive shave creams! Just use a cheap hair conditioner. You’ll be amazed at how well it works and will cost you a fraction of the cost of shaving cream.